God With Us

God With Us

Our youngest child is still often afraid of the dark. On a cognitive level, she knows that there are no actual monsters lurking in the darkness of a bedroom at the end of the hallway. Nonetheless, darkness brings uncertainty and doubt. As long as it’s dark, she can’t be certain that everything is safe.

So, if our daughter needs to go into a dark bedroom at night, she will likely get someone to go with her. All the unknowns that hide in the darkness disappear with the certainty that Mom or Dad is with her.

Whenever we try to peer into the future, we may think we have a pretty good sense of what is approaching ahead in life. But of course, much remains unknown and out of reach. Just as we cannot be certain about what may be hiding in the darkness of a back bedroom, we really don’t know for sure how life will unfold in the next year–or tomorrow, for that matter.

This is why God often reminds us that God is with us. Where we lack certainty about the future, God provides the promise of his presence. Just as children know they can safely enter a dark room if a parent is with them, God’s children know that we can enter an unknown future with the confidence that God will be with us.

Try this in the upcoming week: when you encounter challenges, look for God’s presence. Where do you see signs that God is here and at work?

Pastor Paul Cook


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